DELTA FOOD prepared novelties for HoReCa clients for the post-quarantine opening of restaurants and cafes

DELTA FOOD, the owner of the Gulyai Pole trademark, specially for the opening of summer areas of restaurants and cafes, offers its HoReCa customers an expanded assortment of mayonnaise and mustard in convenient packaging.


To the popular line of 30% “For a salad” mayonnaise sauce and 67% “Traditional” mayonnaise were added new items: 15% “Light” mayonnaise sauce, 50% “For Family” mayonnaise sauce and 72% “Homely” mayonnaise. Therefore, restaurants and cafes can choose exactly the option that will be appropriate for their menu, from light sauce for a quick summer menu of cafes and city food locations to homemade mayonnaise for a natural rich menu of the best restaurants of any international cuisine. All items come in three types of packaging: in buckets weighing 4.5 kg and boxes weighing 10 and 15 kg

Two types of mustard are also included in the HoReCa -assortment: Acute and Hot as Hell. Both flavors are presented in the same weight categories as mayonnaise sauces and mayonnaises: a bucket of 4.5 kg, boxes of 10 and 15 kg. Mustard is an essential seasoning for our menu, therefore it is a part of many meals: from burgers and hot dogs to gourmet turkey baked with rosemary, mustard and honey. It goes well with meat meals and cheese, enriches the taste of salads and adds piquancy to sandwiches, is good in sauces and marinades, therefore it is very popular among majority of restaurants and cafes.

For the convenience of eating establishments and production facilities for baking pizza, puff pastry and fast food for food courts, the company offers sunflower oil Gulyai-Pole in a capacity of 5 liters.

In the nearest future, is the release of the improved formula of sunflower oil, which will increase the duration of use when cooking in deep fat and prolonged frying.