New products, increased investments and ambitious plans

DELTA FOOD, the owner of the trademark Gulyai-Pole, summed up 2019 and is happy to share the achievements and its plans for the current year.

The volume of investments in the last two years increased 2.5 times and generally was aimed to expand the range of products of TM Gulyai-Pole with the improvement of technologies and acquisition of new equipment. Appeared new items — mustard Acute and Hot as Hell, developed by technologies of the company based on the best ingredients and already have their fans among consumers. Also in the product portfolio was added sunflower oil in bottles of 1l and 5l. In 2019 was held re-branding of mayonnaises and mayonnaise sauces packaging, and well-liked brand Gulyai-Polye became even more stand out on store shelves, because it has non-standard for segment visualization. The entire range of the company’s products can be viewed on the updated website delta-food.ua. At the moment DELTA FOOD produces 70% of the total private label market of Ukraine in the category of mayonnaise and passes an independent audit flawlessly.

“We are pleased with the results of last year, — says Taras Kutko, CEO of DELTA FOOD, but we have set ourselves very ambitious plans to increase the product range, strengthen its presence in the Ukrainian market and expand its presence abroad. We understand the challenges that mankind and our country in particular have stumbled upon, and try to make a contribution to the stabilization of the situation, from helping medical institutions to providing our employees with work, wages, means of protection, and fulfilling our obligations to customers, partners and government. Our products are in stores, we continue to adhere to our norms of products delivery to partners – up to 5 days, we pay taxes to the state. And we believe that together we will overcome COVID-19 and will be able to realize all our plans.”

In its mayonnaise recipe, the Gulyai-Pole brand adheres to DSTU 4487: 2015 and uses the best sunflower oil, egg yolk and mustard oil. All these ingredients in moderate consumption rates have a positive effect on the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, increase immunity, prevent premature aging, accelerate metabolism and have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system.

Mayonnaise is very loved by fans of quality products, especially women who adhere to a healthy diet and try to diversify their family’s diet, adding flavors to traditional dishes.At the same time, mayonnaise sauces – a popular product of the fasting menu – become the best choice among sauces without the addition of egg yolk due to its natural composition.


 TM “ Gulyai-Pole ” is a trademark of DELTA FOOD (LLC Trading House “Delta”, Zaporozhye, 2009).  DELTA FOOD is a producer of mayonnaise, mayonnaise sauces, mustard and sunflower oil.  Over the years, the company has become a leader in the production of mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauces in the private label category for leading international, national and local retail chains.  Since 2015, DELTA FOOD has been actively developing its own brand – TM Gulyai-Pole, under which products of high quality and natural composition are produced, namely  mayonnaises, mayonnaise sauces, mustard.  The experience accumulated over a decade is a good platform for a further increase in production, in the nearest future we plan to bring new positions to our market under our own brand. Thanks to carefully organized distribution, Gulyai-Pole products are present in all regions of Ukraine – in markets, grocery stores of various sizes, as well as on the shelves of major retail chains.