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About the company

About the company

DELTA FOOD  is the Ukrainian national-level company that has established itself on the market as a manufacturer of exclusively high-quality products, as well as a stable, responsible and reliable partner.

The business company is represented by the production and sale of food products, namely mayonnaise and mayonnaise sauces, mustard, vegetable oil and corn sticks.



The taste of natural products

The line of mayonnaise and sauces TM Gulyai-pole was presented on the Ukrainian market in early 2015. This was preceded by the hard work of the company’s team of professionals, we used experience of many years of production of mayonnaises for various national and local retail chains, conducted numerous tastings, explored regional preferences, and finally created a product that maximally satisfies consumer needs.

This approach is also in the production of sunflower oil, mustard and corn sticks. That is why we can confidently say that our products have a carefully crafted recipe that will perfectly emphasize the taste of your dishes. Thanks to high standards and continuous improvement of production technology, the products of TM Gulyai-pole are among the leaders in quality and taste.

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Distribution map

Distribution map

Sales volume of TM Gulyai-pole (tons) in 2021:

  • 0
  • <10
  • 10 – 50
  • 50 – 100
  • 100 – 150
  • 150 – 200
  • 200 – 300
  • more 300
  • 0
  • 62
  • 198
  • 207
  • 10
  • 36
  • 322
  • 288
  • 128
  • 17
  • 233
  • 57
  • 313
  • 695
  • 16
  • 93
  • 128
  • 93
  • 284
  • 215
  • 183
  • 21
  • 151
  • 410
  • 22
Private labels

Private labels

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Certificates and awards

Certificates and awards

A key priority of DELTA FOOD is the high quality and safety of the manufactured production.

DELTA FOOD  company has been repeatedly awarded the National Business Award “Private Label”, in particular in the nominations: “Stability of supply. 2014 year”, “Fair price. 2015 year”, “The best quality. 2018 year”.

The National Business Award “Private Label” is an award that recognizes the achievements of retailers and manufacturers in the field of private label development and interaction with partners.

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