History of the company

Quality of life - depends on the quality of products, quality of products - depends on us!

Roman Mishchenko

Roman Mishchenko

founder of DELTA FOOD

At the beginning of our journey, we produced two types of products: mayonnaise and mustard under the trademark "Delta". Our company has been on the market for more than 12 years! And this is the path of a rapidly developing company with high requirements to the product quality and compliance with all necessary standards. During this time, the company took a number of important steps and achievements:
  • our production volume increased from 1,000 tons / year to 13,000 tons / year
  • production capacity of cooking equipment increased from 200 tons / month to 2,000 tons / month
  • we purchased new packing lines, pacon, duplex, simplex, chab, doypack mustard
  • we launched our own trademark Gulyai-pole. Today, its share is 5-6% of the Ukrainian mayonnaise market
  • delivery is carried out in compliance with the temperature regime. Delivery time for some customers is 2 days from the order date; the average delivery time is 5 days
  • a sales department, which ensures the distribution of products throughout Ukraine, was created
  • we took first place in the program Life Without Deception on 1+1 channel
  • we released new products under the TM Gulyai-pole: packaged butter and mustard
  • a new plant was opened near the city of Ternopil, where there are 2 bottling lines for sunflower oil, as well as cooking equipment for the production of mayonnaise and mustard with the corresponding packaging lines
  • despite all the difficulties of wartime, the plant in Zaporozhye continues to operate
Now, we can safely declare ourselves as a company that produces 70% of the own brand market in Ukraine in the mayonnaise category and undergoes an independent audit at the level of 96 points out of 100. The main goal of Delta-Food is to make people's lives tastier and brighter. If you believe in our idea and share our values, join us! We will build together a company that lives forever! It's impossible to win alone, 100% of me is nothing compared to 1% of the team

Kind regards, Roman Mishchenko, founder of DELTA FOOD